4 different flavors

Many Argentine provinces have a traditional type of alfajor. Lucila has perfected four of her favorite varieties to share with you.

Customers reviews

The best alfajores I have had in and out of the US.

Edward moreira

YES so good. Visited while at the Ravenswood Art Walk this weekend and got one of their guava cookies-- it is almost to good to be believed. I'll definitely be coming back for more!

Dakota Chisholm

Traditional with coconut Dulce de leche "Dark
traditional w/ coconut filled with dulce de leche
These are the classic, original Alfajores. Two melt-in-your-mouth delicate butter cookies embracing a luscious dollop of dulce de leche, and then rolled in coconut. Lucila has perfected this artisanal recipe using the highest quality ingredients, including free-range eggs and hints of fresh lemon, and nothing artificial, ever. Taste perfection!
guava filled with dulce de leche
These alfajores combine Lucila’s buttery, melt-in-your-mouth cookies with a dulce de leche and Guava jam center, finished with a sugar glaze. This unique filling of creamy caramel and guava jam meld with the buttery crumb of the cookies, creating a unique treat. Pair with coffee or tea, to create your own moment of bliss!
"Dark White chocolate Dulce de leche
dark chocolate filled with dulce de leche
Lucila’s handmade dark chocolate alfajores are made of two chocolate cookies, hugging a dulce de leche center, and are hand-dipped in Belgian dark chocolate for a decadent finish. They balance flavors of rich cocoa and fresh orange zest, that make up for an unbelievable bite. We invite you to be the judge!
white chocolate filled with dulce de leche
Lucila’s white chocolate alfajores feature our delicate butter cookies, with undertones of vanilla and almond. They hug a dulce de leche center and are finished with exquisite Belgian white chocolate. Taste the love that goes into every sweet, elegant bite!